The SuperHero Program

There is nothing quite like The SuperHero Program in the world. It has utterly transformed the lives of countless participants and upgraded all that have had the gumption to show up and do the work needed for transformation. Here is what is offered in this life-changing package.

A 15 or 21-day SuperHero Program which would entail:
  • Private Housing accommodation at the SuperHero House in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica
  • Morning private Hatha yoga classes each morning on site with Fabrice or Mariela
  • All raw, vegan and organic meals and smoothies
  • All fresh pressed organic juices and coconut water
  • All supplements specific to you (probiotics, MSM, chlorella, enzymes, iodine, B12, etc)
  • Two 90-min energetic medicine sessions with Dr. Gregory Damato each week
  • Two 90-min deep tissue massages each week with Fabrice
  • Two workshops per week (e.g., raw beauty, goal setting, living in natural magic, raw chocolate making, raw pizzas and flat breads, etc) with Hillary
  • Daily bike use
  • Laundry Service
  • Infrared Sauna sessions each day
  • All herbal decoctions prepared fresh daily (3 cups per day)
  • All coffee prepared daily for enemas¬†(1 to 3 per day)
  • Beach chill time
  • Daily documentaries on your Sony LCD monitor
  • Journal time
  • Daily Schedule and much more

To apply for a personal or group SuperHero Transformation, please message us below and we can customize an amazing program for you.

To have a look at an average SuperHero day, please click here.

To hear about previous SuperHero’s life-transformation, please have a look at our testimonials here.

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