Welcome to The SuperHero Program

Here you find the latest information on cutting edge programs designed to enhance the potential of human consciousness in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast. Deep jungle healing and life-enhancement is facilitated in this unique environment with a heart-centered team hand picked to increase the potential of human consciousness via retreats, group SuperHero, couple SuperHero, individual SuperHero programs and family SuperHero Programs.

This program has been designed to:

  • Rebuild the digestive system via the elimination of toxins and the enhancement of probiotic levels
  • Enhance immunity via restoration of the gut flora, thymus gland and t-cell count
  • Balance emotions via Entheogenic ceremonies, fasting, counseling and NLP
  • Increase flexibility, joint movement
  • Decrease tension in the body and mind via massage, yoga and infrared sauna therapy
  • Connect with your soul’s purpose via shedding of layers, self-love, goal setting affirmations and workshops
  • Awaken your curiosity for the plant kingdom and your inner herbalist
  • Understood the interplay of the toxicity dynamics and their effect on the body, mind, spirit and emotions and how to protect ourselves
  • Unleash the SuperHero and Spiritual Love Warrior destined to take back his health and self-love and proffer this gift on to others

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