The Program

Learn about all aspects of the SuperHero Program including what an average day is like, what to expect, hoe to get here and much more.

The SuperHero Program

There is nothing quite like The SuperHero Program in the world. It has utterly transformed the lives of countless participants and upgraded all that have had the gumption to show up and do the work needed for transformation. Here is what is offered in this life-changing package. A 15 or 21-day SuperHero Program which would entail: Private Housing accommodation at…

Welcome to SuperHero Land

Welcome to SuperHero Land

Welcome to The SuperHero Program Here you find the latest information on cutting edge programs designed to enhance the potential of human consciousness in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast. Deep jungle healing and life-enhancement is facilitated in this unique environment with a heart-centered team hand picked to increase…