Energetic Medicine Sessions

Dr. Damato uses the world’s most advanced energetic medicine device which allows uncanny insight into the human mind, body, spirit and emotions with it’s expansive database testing for the presence and levels of 10,000 different items with over 99% accuracy.

These items represent all our nutrient (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids) and pathogen (bacteria, fungus, viruses, worms, etc) levels, allergies, hormones, risks, emotions and much more.

Each session, we are able to see what’s happening in the body and then run a series of therapeutic sessions designed to bring the body’s energetics back into balance via working on the meridians, chakras, nervous system, spinal flow, unconscious neurolinguistic programming and much more. With over 1000 different therapeutic modalities, the SCIO is able to offer amazing assistance in helping the body re-align itself to natural healing rhythm.