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Dr. Gregory Damato, PhD

Directors of SuperHero Bliss

The creator of The SuperHero Program, Dr. Gregory Damato, PhD is a passionate spiritual warrior and has been rocking worlds for the past 12 years in Australia and Costa Rica with his unique zeal for holistic raw food living, detoxification, life purpose and symbiotic union of the mind, body, spirit and emotions in one of the most tumultuous times on the planet. Facilitating in the expansion of human consciousness via individual energetic medicine sessions, Skype consults, Super Hero Programs and Jungle Retreats in Costa Rica, Dr. Damato has been using his background in psychology, exercise science and research to alter the lives of thousands of individuals. Living off the grid in his circular jungle home in Costa Rica with his beautiful wife and 4 conscious children, Dr Damato writes cutting edge articles on wellness, consciousness, spirituality, living in natural magic, permaculture and finding one’s bliss.

As the facilitator for your life-transformative program, Dr. Damato will ensure every aspect is taken care of as you shed layers and enhance your vibration back to self-love, inner peace and innate joy.

Here is one of Dr. Damato’s latest interviews.