Team Member

Fabrice Renaudin

In my early twenties I was fascinated by the world of emotions, my own repression and ways I could experience more freedom by learning proficient techniques and knowledge to release them, so I entered an amazing psycho-therapy program in 1992 and became a patient and trainee at the International Primal Training Center in Venice California.

I started to practice yoga and instantly fell in love with the opening it created on so many levels, a now obvious connection from the body, to the mind and a direct connection to the spirit. Multi dimensional portal, I was hooked and wanted more.

In 1996 I enrolled at IPSB, the Institute of Psycho Spiritual Balancing and obtained a certification in different massage techniques, which I continued to enrich until this day, learning about a dozen modalities, another great tool to access the mind and spirit from the library of the body.

After learning from different Hatha and Kriya yoga teachers and masters, I dove into the realm of teaching, my 1st class was held in Hawaii in ’96, instant gratification!

I studied coaching with “Super Coach” Steve Chandler who’s authenticity and dedication to people’s well-being and success broadened the spectrum of how I could facilitate an integrated experience for myself and others.

It became obvious that health is not about a bag of piles that “seem” to resolve disconnected symptoms, but rather a holistic lifestyle capable of navigating between the body(“a true mirror of what is going on in my inner world”), the mind(“at service to the spirit”), and the spirit(directly linked to Earth sovereignty and joy).

I delight in simply bringing people into nature for them to find their own and understand/integrate the 4 elements to become the quintessence, movement therapies to reconnect with their inner child’s spirit, white and red Tantra to get in touch with their own raw power and understand the anatomy of the spirit.

We live in a world in which the basics of a healthy nutrition is not taught to us, on the contrary. In this time and age, it seems obvious that we individually need to learn how to be sovereign on this planet, finding simple and available sustenance like the breath which I call the medium to empower oneself.

I look forward to going on the SuperHero path with you.