Intensive Elite 99-Day SuperHero Activation Program with Dr. Gregory Damato

Intensive Elite 99-Day SuperHero Activation Program with Dr. Gregory Damato


For those seeking a fully supported, deep cleanse with specific nutritional and detoxification advice to remove the physical impediments to enhanced clarity of mind, elevated energy states, self-love and photonic generation of inner light via live, regenerative food. This program has been found to: enhance clarity and understanding of the importance of food as medicine; regenerate the gut and the human micro biome; increase self-love and internal light; balance hormones and enhance immunity and allow for the consummate integration of the symbiotic union of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. If you are looking to truly understand food as medicine like never before then this is the program for you.


-Unlimited WhatsApp, Telegram or Email communication for 3 months

-One Distant Energetic Medicine Session per Fortnight with report and recommendations

-Intro to Live Food Recipe Book by Dr. Gregory Damato

-Reading Schedule

-Documentary List

-One 60 min Telegram, WhatsApp or Skype Conversation per week (13 in program) on such topics as:

-Personalize SuperHero Goal Setting

-Conscious Eating

-Detoxification of the Blood

-Spiritual Nutrition

-Internal Self-Love and Light Generation via Food

-Resetting the Emotional Eating Triggers

-Fasting 101

-Stemcell Regeneration

-Alkaline Mineral Support

-Importance of Sweat

-Detoxification of the Pineal Gland

-SuperFoods and SuperHerbs

-Smoothies for Abundance and Inner Light

-Adaptogenic Potentiation via Superherbs

-Enhancing Magic via the Rhythms of Nature

-The Human Microbiome and Gut Regeneration

-From Self-Sabotage to Self-Love

-Epigenetic Trigger Reset

-Effectiveness of Coffee Enemas

-Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder

-Importance of Live, Structured Water

This fully supported program is designed to work through any and all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impediments to fully recreate the foundation of our existence, (the physical body) via regenerative foods, herbs, superfoods and fasting working directly with Dr. Gregory Damato with over 15 years of experience in the self-created field of Nutritional Psychological SuperHero Activation.

Once you purchase this package, you will be contacted directly by Dr. Damato to set up a SuperHero Consultation Schedule.

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