SuperHero Bliss Potentiator Elixirs Ebook (Pre-order)

SuperHero Bliss Potentiator Elixirs Ebook (Pre-order)


This is a pre-order for Dr. Gregory Damato’s latest ebook with 22 recipes of the most high flying shots and super elixirs the world has ever seen. Release Date: July 15, 2019.

Warning: These elixirs have been known to facilitate in deep states of utter bliss, felicity, joy, gratitude and consummate self-love. These 22 recipes will leave you with the template to enhance the potential of human consciousness via dynamic, live, fractal, geometric resonance of the soul. Imbibe with care and allow the light to flow through you. All is within.

What are Elixirs?

Elixirs are live, nutrient-dense amalgamations of photon-generating fractal resonance of the most potent super-herbs, superfoods, adaptogens and life-force generating matter on the planet. When these inherent, coherent vibrations are combined in one concentrated liquid the God’s of creation tickle the soul returning one to inner peace, soulful activation and love to all who imbibe this perfected coherent nectar.

What Elixirs do?

High vibratory elixirs inherently return the soul to its innate vibration of self-love, communal connection and wisdom through a photonic-generation of inner light while rebuilding the container of love through dissolving the synthetic, unnatural vibrations of the man-made world to resonate higher than ever before. A soulful reemergence to our natural state of internal coherence and ekstasis, the Greek term for our natural autogenic state of flow.

Until further notice, celebrate everything.

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Here’s a sample of one of the 22 life-altering and reality-shattering Elixirs:

Gateway to the Crown Shot-ra

This photon-enhanced bliss shot will start at the heart chakra and slowly move up to the crown allowing an opening of consciousness and a direct connection to source. Meditation and breath work is suggested following this shot facilitating in enhanced clarity of downloads. Imbibe with care.


-2 Cups of coconut water (or the best water you can find which can include spring or filtered, restructured water)

-4 Frozen Organic Bananas

-3 tbs of Raw, Organic Cacao Powder

-5 Whole Star Anise

-1 Whole Raw Chili (the spicier the better!)

-1 tbs of Cold Pressed, Organic Coconut Oil

-2 tbs of Organic, Raw Tahini

-2 tbs of Organic, Raw Honey

-1/4 tsp of Cardamon (or 12 small fresh pieces)

-1/8th Whole Vanilla Bean

-2 inches of Fresh Turmeric

-1/8 tsp of Organic, Raw Chaga

-1/2 tsp of Peruvian Raw, Black Maca

-1 tsp of Raw Mucuna Pruriens

-10 Whole Black Peppercorns

-Bit of Ice

Blend on High for 60 seconds, pour into shot glasses and bliss out!