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Juanma RJ & Poli Bellsola


We did the ‘SuperHero’ program with Greg this past January 2017.  It was so enriching!  We consider our time with Greg as an inflection point in our lives.  We learned to open our minds and enjoy life.  The experience was so purifying and relaxing that  after 10 days it  felt like we had been in Costa Rica for over a month.

Greg is such an amazing, generous, genuine and well-cultured person.  During our program, we learned a lot about connecting to ourselves and the abundance and beauty of what nature has put right in our laps and how to truly embrace it all.

It was a wake up call on the deepest level, a discovery of an alternative mode of living.

It was a beautiful and very recommended experience.

The location was very inspiring, as well.  Playa Chiquita is beautiful, authentic and peaceful.  We loved that we could really hear the deep jungle sounds of nature and especially the beautiful toucans from our balcony overlooking the beautiful, lush gardens.

We had bicycles available for us at all times and the beach was only an 8 minute walk from The SuperHero House.  The vibe of the area is great too!

It is full of people of different nationalities, beautiful little beach restaurants and pubs.  Huge trees and plants everywhere, best fruit and vegetables we’ve ever experienced.

We are very much looking forward to going back, hopefully in the near future!!!  Thank you Greg and Hillary for sharing this experience with us!!!!  I am sure that our paths will cross again soon!

Much love,

Juanma RJ &
Poli Bellsola, Spain



Toronto, Canada

I like to think of myself as a fairly open minded lass – to really tackle (embrace is maybe a better term) the SuperHero Program you kind of need to be.  At the same time I think most people (myself included) would also agree I have a healthy wallop of skepticism thrown into the mix.

The point being that while I went into Dr. Greg’s program with an open mind I wasn’t 100 percent convinced I’d leave REALLY ready to change my diet or change how I approached my health (despite a fairly staggering diagnosis) or even if I would WANT to change my mind about my health or my lifestyle in general.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but the SuperHero Program is also by FAR the best thing I’ve EVER done for myself, for my future, for my physical AND my mental health.

I cannot express how well looked after I felt on the program and how supported I felt.  If I needed a little push or some encouragement or a hug (or even a little coddling  Greg and his staff were always there.  It really felt like my own personal team, in every sense.  They are truly an amazing group of people and I honestly feel like I’ve made incredibly supportive friends for life.

If you feel like your health is spiraling, (or could just use a check) if you feel mentally or physically overwhelmed, if you know you need to make a change or if you really WANT to make a change but you’re scared (or you’re a bit of a skeptic like me) I CANNOT recommend the SuperHero Program enough.  I am forever grateful for the permanent changes.

In gratitude,

Marlena, Toronto, Canada


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