5-Day SuperHero Raw ACTivation Challenge

5-Day SuperHero Raw ACTivation Challenge

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The 5-Day SuperHero Raw ACTivation Challenge is Here!

If you are ready to go deep and activate a sense of inner love and light then this program is for you. Dr. Gregory Damato has created a 66 page e-book full of goodies such as:

-What is Detoxification?

-Top substances that promote detoxification

-Top substances that hamper detoxification

-Primary types of detoxification

-Benefits of Coffee Enemas

-Benefits of Probiotics

-Benefits of Oil Pulling

-Benefits of Sungazing

-5-Day Raw Food Daily Menu

-Shopping Guide with Online Links

-How to Create Herbal Decoctions

-Cleansing the liver with Coffee Enemas

-Daily schedule from morning sungazing, meditation, herbal decoctions, supplements for detox and gut regeneration, coffee enemas, journaling and much more.

Your world will be completely changed! Once you purchase you will be sent a link to download your ebook. Enjoy the ride!

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