Private Consultation Package with Dr. Damato

Private Consultation Package with Dr. Damato


Receive one-on-one private consultations with Dr Gregory Damato via Whatsapp or Telegram. This package includes:

  • A 10-pack of 1 hour consultations via Telegram or Whatsapp

  • Unlimited messaging and emails throughout a 2-month period when the package is purchased via Telegam, WhatsApp or Email.

Dr. Gregory Damato specializes in live food nutrition, detoxification, alchemy of love food, psychology, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, life purpose alignment and soul direction.

Facilitating in the creation of optimal wholeness via the symbiotic balance of mind, body, spirit and emotions this package is meant for those looking to speak directly to Dr. Damato. This allows full support on diet, nutrition, relationships, meal plans, fasting, psychological consultations and much more to close the gap between our higher self and our present self.

Once the package is purchased, Dr. Damato will contact you via email to set up a schedule to elevate your SuperHero game to the next level.

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